About Us

Celebu Online started as an idea to get celebrities closer to you and your loved ones through personalised video messages. A partnership of two friends with a similar goal, to enrich the community by creating meaningful relationships between fans and celebrities.

Our journey started in a period of uncertainty, a time when joy and entertainment was at an all-time low. The celebrities and stars that performed for us at events and occasions were no more. So, we thought of a simple way to turn those small home gatherings into big occasions - crowned by your favorite celebrities.

At Celebu Online, we help you create beautiful memories with the stars by offering a platform that creates personalized video messages of your favorite celebrities on request, for you or a loved one. This could be for a birthday, wedding or graduation ceremony.

Today, you can make your loved ones dream come true by clicking on the celebrity's profile of choice, sending a request to them with the specific message, question, or greeting.
After completing your order, we shall send you a personalized video of the celebrity with your exact request.

We make it very easy for you to connect with your favorite celebrity at a personal level.

Make a wish today, and the stars will make it happen for you. 😊