Kenneth Mugabi best known for his African soul vocals. He some of his songs are Nkwegomba, Kibunomu and Oliwa

Kenneth Mugabi

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Kenneth Mugabi is offering a pretty sweet deal for his fans!! The extremely talented singer will film a full 4-minute video of him singing any of his requested songs by the customer. Kenneth, is also a pretty amazing instrumentalist who will use his instruments to create beautiful sound, tailored, customized and as requested in the order. The video will be recorded professionally and in high-definition, suited for even huge occasions such as weddings, graduations, congratulatory parties, anniversary celebrations, get-well-soon wishes, and whichever occasion you might be celebrating. Its the whole package y'all!! 

Kenneth Mugabi is a gifted songwriter and a soulful performer. His rich unique voice and his ability to write beautiful afro-soul music make him a unique and enjoyable performer to watch. Kenneth Mugabi’s music is an African version of neo soul.  He first caught the public's attention as one of the top contestants in the Coke rated Next Uganda competition. Kenneth released his debut album Kibunomu which spawned the viral hit Naki.